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What we do and who we are?

We are the leading crypto lender that has built its reputation in the blockchain world with its signature ​Instant Crypto Credit Lines​TM and ​Earn Interest​ product. Nexo has processed more than $30B+ for a continually growing 1M+ user base from more than 200+ jurisdictions around the globe.

We live and breathe solving complex problems for our base and we have the customer reviews to show for. We’ve zeroed in on solving real issues for our users and found a great product market fit. The result is a profitable business from Day 1 that has distributed close to $10M in dividends until now.

We are on a mission to build the next generation of infrastructure that will enable millions of people to ditch the traditional banking rails and move to a world of financial freedom and great UX. Nexo’s team consists of builders and problem solvers that sacrifice short term profits for the benefits of its users.

Nexo’s team is regularly featured on Bloomberg and CNBC to comment on pressing blockchain issues such as the ​Tether stablecoin​, Facebook’s Libra​, ​Tokenized Gold​, and ​Bitcoin.​

Key Responsibilities

  • You’ll be looking for lucrative yield-enhancement opportunities from established and emerging protocols;
  •  You will build an infrastructure, aggregating information and flagging attractive opportunities. You will build new strategies, improve existing ones and add new trading products to our existing mix;
  • You’ll analyse large amounts of trading and transaction data, generate insights, prioritise them and build algorithms based on your findings;
  • You’ll look for attractive features that can be integrated to our core product, aiming to either increase the revenue on our client base or drive more traffic to Nexo.

Required Qualifications

  • Strong Python skills (or Java or C++) - you have 1-3 years of coding experience, be that through work, study or personal project experienceProgramming fundamentals (in any of C++, C#, Java, OOP);
  • Understand blockchain basics: transactions, wallets, smart contracts, double spend, transactions pool, mining. Have a general understanding overview of current DeFi landscape: DEX, aggregators, main protocols;
  • Experience interacting with DeFi protocols - lending, staking, trading;
  • Excellent quantitative and analytical skills;
  • Advanced trading knowledge isn’t required but a strong willingness and curiosity to learn algorithmic, high-frequency, quantitative and market making trading is crucial.

We offer

  • Competitive base salary
  • Challenging, dynamic and stimulating work environment at one of the fastest-growing start-ups worldwide
  • Attractive perks such as Multisport card and private health insurance
  • Generous bonus options available in tokens
  • An opportunity to be part of a life-changing financial innovation
  • Consistently expanding responsibilities and career growth path within the company

Tips for Successful Application

  • This opportunity is not for someone who is just looking for a regular job or to maximize salary - If you are an application who is genuinely interested and curious about this role and the space - then you are the right person for us.
  • We would appreciate it if you do your research, look at our website and social media channels. Also you can write us a direct message sharing more about you, why are you interested in crypto and market making in general and in Nexo in particular.
  • We are looking for a non generic and authentic people, who share our interests, values and ambitions! So please do not send us a copy/past application.
  • The position requires knowledge and ability to get things done fast. Prepare to be tested on your Python & crypto knowledge.
  • Make sure that you know what hft/market making/algo trading is. 



Бонуси и придобивки за екипа на Nexo

Хибриден начин на работа

Офис близо до центъра на София, възможност за работа от вкъщи, или комбинация от двете.

Почивка и активности

25 дни годишен отпуск, чести събирания в и извън офиса и два тиймбилдинга годишно.

Онлайн обучения

Възможност за онлайн обучения
в Udemy и други платформи.


Допълнително възнаграждение на база резултати и годишен дивидент.

Здравно осигуряване

Допълнително здравно
осигуряване от UNIQA.

Множество отстъпки

Отстъпки за заведения, компютърна
техника и други.


Multisport карта покриваща
разнообразни активности.


Паркинг до офиса.

Храна в офиса

Чай, кафе, плодове, ядки и други
здравословни храни и напитки.


Масажи на работното място.

Електрически велосипеди

Електрически велосипеди за екипа.